Tips: Which social media should you have and use as an artist?


    The topic of social media for artists is a big thing. Having
    as many platforms to share your creations is becoming more confusing for
    artists as it’s really hard to tell where your target audience could be. The
    answer to it all? Have as many as possible. Now, having all is near to impossible as there is
    so many nowadays more than 15+ easily that have a good audience. However, only
    some of them will actually help. Here is some tips on which ones to definitely use.


    Use. Why?  Because it’s
    the most popular social media website. It’s at the top of its game and has the
    biggest reach. The biggest downfall of Facebook for artists is that they charge
    now to make sure you reach fans and upcoming fans. However, having a Facebook
    fan page never hurts. It’s only a good thing even though if you don’t reach


    Use. Why? It’s not only huge in audience but also has so
    many artists and companies that you can get a chance to write to directly. Now,
    not always will you get noticed however it is also so easy to use. You can do
    tweets that are couple of words and that’s it. We feel it’s much more personal
    than anything else. Talking to fans is so easy and gaining new followers doesn’t
    cost anything if you do it correctly by using hashtags and following the right


    Use. Why? It’s really easy to gain followers and new
    audience. Hashtags are key on Instagram to explore a new audience. Features like
    video will you give you a chance to promote your new music. It’s another social
    media to really keep up your audience of what’s coming.


    Maybe. Why? It’s a good platform for friends and stars to
    show what they are doing however the main issue is that people skip stories a
    lot of the time. It also doesn’t let you add links and hashtags which means you
    can only reach people you already have on there. If you want something personal
    with fans that you already gained it’s great.


    Use. Why? It’s great. It’s a platform with enormous user
    base and the greatest thing about it you’ll probably reach a lot of your new
    audience through it. You don’t even need to a run a channel anymore with so
    many promoting channels that want your music on their own channels. You can
    also vlog and do short previews on YouTube. It has a good connection with
    Google+ which is also a plus.

    Other notable suggestions

    Tumblr is a great platform for indie artists that want to release
    their music in short posts and photos. Pinterest an interesting platform for
    musicians it is not really used as its main focus is art and fashion. However,
    it’s worth a try especially if you feel your image is about art and fashion.
    Reddit is also good for musicians looking to get some noticed. You get chances
    to get your music featured on playlists, websites and more!

    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas is the Editor-in-Chief at Our Culture Mag. He regularly delves into modern art, fashion, and photography. Modestas is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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