IAN SWEET Announces New Album ‘Show Me How You Disappear’, Unveils New Song ‘Drink the Lake’

    IAN SWEET, the indie rock project of Jilian Medford, has announced her third album: Show Me How You Disappear is out March 5 via Polyvinyl. She’s also shared a new single called ‘Drink the Lake’. Take a listen below, and scroll down for the album’s cover artwork and tracklist.

    Most of the songs on Show Me How came about after Medford had completed a two-month intensive outpatient program in early 2020, and the album is a direct result of her reflections from that period of therapy. “This is the first record that I leave that space for myself,” Medford explained in a statement. “I feel a freedom on this one that I haven’t felt with the others. People always say ‘I put all of me into this,’ but I actually didn’t this time — I left space.”

    The new single “taps into my own twisted logic to try and break away from obsessive thought patterns,” according to Medford. “It turned into a pop anthem of seemingly silly ways to try and forget someone, like saying their name backwards, but I feel these devices contributed to my healing.”

    Show Me How marks the follow-up to 2018’s Crush Crusher. Previously, IAN SWEET released the singles ‘Sword’‘Dumb Driver’, and ‘Power’.

    Show Me How You Disappear Cover Artwork:

    Show Me How You Disappear Tracklist:

    1. My Favorite Cloud
    2. Drink the Lake
    3. Sword
    4. Dirt
    5. Sing Till I Cry
    6. Dumb Driver
    7. Get Better
    8. Power
    9. Show Me How You Disappear
    10. I See Everything

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