4am Kru Publish ‘Callin’ Your Name’ featuring Zaetrell

    4am Kru, a Jungle crew out of London, England, unveiled their latest piece, ‘Callin’ Your Name’ featuring Zaetrell. The song follows on from their first 2021 release, ‘Your Only,’ which features Phoebe White.

    The song itself is a throwback-filled, soul-soothing journey that sonically fits in with the broader discography of 4am Kru which pays tribute to ’90s British rave music. It’s undeniable that throwback music has been making a big comeback in recent years, specifically with artists like Prospa who embark on a rave-vibe through their energy-filled music. On the contrary, artists such as Kideko remix and sample classics to fit in with the movement.

    ‘Callin’ Your Name’ by 4am Kru can now be streamed via Spotify.

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