Mia Joy Shares New Single ‘Freak’

    Mia Joy has shared a new song called ‘Freak’. It’s the latest single from her upcoming debut album Spirit Tamer. Take a listen below.

    Talking about the new track, the Chicago singer-songwriter explained in a press release: “I loved the imagery of that phrase, a freak on a leash as in feeling tied in a relationship you know is toxic but feeling bound to them, thus making you crazy or a “freak.” Once off the leash, the pain that was holding onto you, you can finally find your own way. I wanted to end it with a sense of reclaiming identity and independence and breaking free from the symbolic leash.”

    Spirit Tamer arrives on May 7 via Fire Talk. Previously, Mia Joy shared the singles ‘Haha’ and ‘See Us’.

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