Wyldest Releases Video for New Single ‘Beggar’

    Wyldest has released a new song called ‘Beggar’. It’s the second single from the London-based musician’s forthcoming album, Monthly Friendwhich is out May 28 via Hand In Hive and includes the previously shared ‘Hollow’. Check out a Mark Van Heusden-directed video for the new track below.

    “’Beggar’ was written at a time when my insomnia got particularly bad after I’d read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkings,” Wyldest, aka Zoe Mead, explained in a press release. “I was thinking about a theory he’d referenced called ‘Prisoners Dilemma’; a paradox where two people are acting in their own interests for a mutual outcome.”

    She continued, “It’s related to evolution in the sense that we all enter into relationships with others based on our own decision as to whether it will provide a safe environment for our genes. ‘Beggar’ is about survival of the fittest, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine stuff – like we protect and love those who protect and love us – as a mutually beneficial thing.”

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