Listen: School of X ‘Away’

    Rasmus Littauer, also known under his moniker School of X, presented his latest single ‘Away,’ — just over a week ago. The song follows his 2020 album Armlock, which features one of his biggest songs, ‘Collarbone.’ The song itself is a marvellous charming piece with an ear-pleasing production that hooks you on from the get-go.

    Talking about the song Rasmus said: “To me, this is a beautiful love song with a very melancholic twist. It’s on one hand describing the love that was there, and on the other hand, the love that is gone and how hard it is to miss who used to be your best friend. Suddenly this one person is not part of your life anymore, going from being everything to nothing. It’s about realizing that and dealing with it as well as you can.”

    Watch the music video for ‘Away’ below.

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