Vundabar Unveil Video for New Single ‘Aphasia’

    Vundabar have released a new track called ‘Aphasia’, marking the Boston-based trio’s first song since last year’s Either Light. The single, which features guest vocals from Indigo De Souza, arrives with a new B-side, ‘Ringing Bell’. Listen to both tracks below.

    “The creation of this song was sparked by my dad having a stroke that has resulted in global aphasia,” Vundabar singer and guitarist Brandon Hagen explained in a press release. “That happening, on top of quarantine, produced a crisis within a crisis. The song originated as being about having difficulty describing the world and yourself, and then my pops’ stroke happened and it felt uncanny and fated.”

    ‘Aphasia’ is accompanied by a video created by Hagen’s sister and her boyfriend. “My sister is a producer/director, her boyfriend is a cinematographer and I make songs so we took all of our sadness, nervous energy and fear of death and channeled it into making something light and fun – something to counterbalance what we were dealing with,” Hagen said. “It feels fitting that the video is about vampires, your classic death creature, having a goofy romp – it reflects what we were trying to do – flip a feeling on its head, and that feels very Vundabar-ish.”

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