Voka Gentle Release New Song ‘Respect My Eccentricity, Pt. 2’

    London experimental trio Voka Gentle have released a new single, ‘Respect My Eccentricity, Pt. 2’, taken from their upcoming album WRITHING!. Check it out below, alongside a performance video recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios.

    “There was a chord pattern that William was playing around with but just didn’t know what to do with- it was quite a Pavement-y, fast aggressive sequence,” the band explained in a statement. “Then it was decided to try playing it really quietly and slowly instead, and ‘Respect My Eccentricity’ is the result. When we came to record it fully we were convinced that we wanted to divert from the ‘indie-rock-ness’ of the chords by putting more acoustic instruments in there, things like mic-ing the electric guitar strings (we used an old band favourite, a handmade junky semi-hollow guitar named Vashti – after Vashti Bunyan), hitting a small drum in a kind of tribal way, toying with the tonality by having a kind of sliding synth drone in the background…”

    WRITHING!, the follow-up to the band’s 2019 debut Start Clanging Cymbals, arrives October 22 via Leafy Outlook.

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