Frequently asked questions

How do I report a mistake in an article?

If you see any mistakes such as typos or grammar in an article. Send us an email to with a link to the article and the mistake you have seen.

I want to write for Our Culture Mag. How do I do that?

If you are looking to write for Our Culture Mag you will need to send a pitch to us at which must include these things.

  • A short bio about yourself (50-200 words)
  • Your proposed article attached (300-1000 words) in .doc or pdf
  • Any photos /videos you want to use (They must be copyright free or you must have a license to use it. & Pixabay are great for these. You can get away with some photos by giving them credit. Using press photos is recommended if interviewing artists and such)
  • A photo of you (this will be used for your writer profile)
  • Make sure to back up your article with hyperlinks to other sources