Review: Honey Tower “METAMORPHOSEN”


Mystery is the thing that makes our lives exciting, and is
what keeps us looking for more.

German electro producer Honey Tower brings
just that in the music scene. Her latest six track EP “METAMORPHOSEN
is a touch of mystery and pure electro energy. The first track from the EP
named “L’ABEILLE
is a pure growl-energetic electronic banger with strong and rather powerful steady
4/4 drum pattern. The second track of the EP is “COUTURE
this track has a stunning drum pattern with a touch of haunting reverb,
supported by robotic vocals which give the track a modern-like feel. Furthermore,
the third track in the EP “HYDE” is a mix of 80’s drums with screech-like
haunting synth. Sounds of mysterious vocals and pluck lead conversing through
the track making it feel like a conversation going on between the instruments
developing this track into a story-like piece. “VAMPYRE
” is the fourth track in the EP which features some growling and
modern electro bass which sounds very raw and energetic, also lead by some
heavy 4/4 drums. “ENTRE
” is the fifth track of the EP, this track features
some ambience lead with a feel of metal and some stunning crushing drums that
makes it feel like a techno blast from the past. This one is definitely our
favourite track of the EP as it seems like an automatic club hit. Last but not
least “DORIAN” is a more of progressive track in the EP. It has a striking dutch-like
lead fundamentally leading the track with a lovely mix of sounds filling the
frequencies of our ears.

Overall, the EP is very well executed and thought out. This
has to be some of the best work by Honey Tower. It has us excited for what is
to come from this mysterious and energetic artist.



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