Interview: Danny Starr

    Self taught musician Danny Starr is becoming a noticed name in the world of music.

    With his latest EP ‘Elixir’ released Danny joined us for an interview to talk about his music.

    Hi, how are you?

    Heyhey I’m very well thank you!

    So, how did you get into music?

    I’ve always loved music and it’s always been a huge part of my life. My dad introduced me to Gorillaz, MJ and Amy when I was really young, and every drive we went on, to school or to rugby training, we’d be blaring tunes out. When I was about 7 I started doing MJ dances in the living room when we had big family dinners and I’d be messing around with my dad’s vinyl collection. I only started playing music when I was about 13 after I saw a friend of mine singing ‘Wonderwall’ at a school concert. I went home and asked my mum if I could get guitar lessons, and she told me to teach myself with her old acoustic. So I dug it out of storage and, being left handed, I had to learn it upside down. After a few months I got my hands on my first acoustic and started writing my own tunes from then. My mum’s always been my guinea pig for new songs and she’s never failed to come to a gig.

    How did you latest single ‘Elixir’ come about?

    After releasing my debut EP ‘Darling’ last September, I got such a good response from it that I was filled with motivation to write more and record more music. I was writing so much that when we hit the studio to record the EP, I came up with a new song on the second day in the studio which ended up on the record. The label I released both EPs with, The Animal Farm, have always been passionate and excited about my writing and that just made the process so fun. I count myself really lucky to have this creative outlet through which I can share my feelings and experiences with people who want to listen.

    What are your goals for 2017?

    I’d love to have an album out by the end of the year, and even better for that album to be released through getting a record deal. I just wanna keep making music. One of my favourite parts of being a musician and a songwriter is playing live, so another big aim for me for this year is to play more shows outside London, and hopefully sell out a few headline gigs. Playing festival slots is something I’m seriously looking forward to as well.

    What is your perfect way of making it big in the music industry?

    I’d love for someone to come along to one of my gigs, completely get what my music is about, connect with it and feel passionate about supporting me to keep creating and sharing my songs with whoever wants to listen. As long as people are listening and enjoying my music, I’ll be happy. If that’s selling out a couple hundred capacity venue every month or it’s having my songs played every day on Radio 1 while I’m doing an arena tour, I don’t mind.

    Describe yourself in one word.


    Describe your music in one word.


    Any advice for aspiring musicians?

    Just keep on doing what you love. Listen to as much music as you can and go to as many gigs as you can. You can learn so much from other musicians and never confine yourself to a style. Don’t force it when you’re creating, just let it come to you. Songs you smash out in an hour when you’re in the zone and the creative juices are flowing are usually gonna be better than songs you have to grind out for weeks. If you’re struggling to write, take a break and try again tomorrow, and suddenly it’ll come to you. And my biggest tip, never miss an idea. Carry a phone to record melodies or lyrics you come up with wherever you are, coz if you forget something sick you’ll never forgive yourself.

    What is your definition of culture?

    That’s a hard one… culture to me is everything that makes up a character. It encompasses every aspect of someone’s life and everyone really has their own culture because no two people have lived the same life. You can learn something new from everyone because everyone is different.

    To find out more about Danny Starr click here to follow him on Facebook.


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