Classical musician Luca D’Alberto is back with his stunning, dramatic and purely emotional album ‘Endless’

With his latest album, ‘Endless’ released Luca D’Alberto has really achieved pure aura. So, to really define this album in a couple of words would be injudicious. Instead here is our attempt to do so in a couple of paragraphs.

The album begins with a swiftly moving boat-like shaking composition ‘Wait For Me’ it is full of drama and emotion just like a classic period drama that you watch in the cinema. To start off the album in such tense emotion and fluidity is brave by D’Alberto but it pays off in every sense. It gives us a great overview of what to expect further on in the album and sets us in the mood for more drama.

Furthermore, the album proceeds with a piano composition ‘Blessed Messenger’, this really calms the work down. But the tension comes back with the next composition which is ‘Yellow Moon’, this one is tense but more romantic and protective than the first. It then goes into ‘Endless’ this piece is truly stunning and is the core of the album. It is much slower but more reflective and equally powerful as the rest, D’Alberto truly showcases his maturity with this composition.

As all seems settled ‘Start Again’ comes, and it does not disappoint by giving more life and dynamic to the album with its eclectic-like movements – like a newborn does. After this, we are presented with ‘Her Dreams’ this composition is much slower than the previous compositions we are presented with. It develops slowly but dramatically with pure honesty throughout just like a bird flying through the fields of mist into the fields of the sun – not knowing where it will end up.

The seventh piece in the album is ‘My Way’, this composition is much more mysterious at the beginning, however, erupts with emotional strings we are so taken in by this point. We then get ‘Everywhere We Are’ which feels like another reflective track by D’Alberto it feels powerful and god-like as if it is overlooking something it wants to protect. Finally, the last piece of the album is ‘Screaming Silence’ this piece is another piano composition backed by mysterious and unknown ambiances giving us the finale of this wonderful journey.

In summary, to really define this album in a couple of words would be wrong. It has so much to offer, and the more you listen to it the more you get out of it. Everyone will find their own definition, let’s hope it’s an impactful one.

To listen to the full album you can do it here on Spotify.