What to expect from Dolce and Gabbana

    Summer is only beginning for this year, yet we are talking about next years’ spring/summer season.

    The whole runway looks amazing from the decoration to the garments. The outfits on the runway are both formal and casual. Here is a breakdown of themes of what to expect from Dolce and Gabbana. These are just some themes not all.

    Metallic suits

    The colours of these suits are so vibrant, you can see it from a mile away! It is interestingly styled. Each suit is styled within its colour. So you see just a block of colour head to toe with the exception of the black shoes and prints on the outfit.

    Orange print

    This is an interesting print to have. It is also an interesting pairing of suits and oranges because suits are usually plain colour or have simple patterns. Again it sticks to a mettalic theme with the oranges being metallic.

    Cards Print

    I love this print and it interestingly works with the design. This print falls into both formal and casual wear. Each card has it’s own design whether it be the original classic card design or something that has been designed by the team.

    Asian inspired Print

    I like the look of the casual outfits. It’s easy to tell that these outfits are about accessorising. Even though you may think a lot is going on in the outfits, it’s probably because of the huge prints on each of these images. The block colour bags definitely gives the eye a break when looking at huge prints all over the garments.

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