Moz5a tops TrackItDown Top 100 Electronica once again

Best of Me / Moz5a

Music producer Moz5a has topped the TrackItDown Top 100 Electronica once again.

Latest single ‘Best of Me’ has topped the Top 100 Electronica chart. Thus making it his fourth track to do so. Previous tracks topping the Top 100 being ‘New Rain’ which was released on the Italian label Menny Fasano Records as part of the ‘Melancholy In The House EP’. Additionally, tracks ‘Hanging On’ and ‘For Her’ both topped the chart and were released in separate EP’s with Our Culture Records.

Moz5a has also had success on Juno, Beatport and DjTunes with his previous releases. It is yet unknown if he will have more chart success with his latest single ‘Best of Me’ in the weeks or months to come.

Screenshot of Moz5a's 'Best of Me' on TrackItDown's Top 100 Electronica
Screenshot of Moz5a’s ‘Best of Me’ on TrackItDown’s Top 100 Electronica