Staple Items You’ll Want For S/S 18 (Menswear)

Photo by: Oliver Thomas Klein

Key items are pieces of clothing that you’ll see the most of in the season. You could say that it’s a staple garment for your wardrobe. You will see many high street stores with these key items in different styles, so keep a look out!

Boxy Jacket

Boxy jackets are the eye of interest. It’s structured and versatile!! You can layer up or even wear different trousers to go with it. The design of the boxy jackets are very simple it has simple fastenings which are easy to do up, it can also be made of many different materials.

Bomber 2.0

What makes this different from the first bomber jacket? It has moved away from the original references to something more casual. The material used is a lighter weight, more varied designs and not as structured as there is no padding used, giving it a soft silhouette.

Wide Leg Trousers

Similarly to women, wide leg trousers are making a come back. Varied in style but also differs widths and lengths. The style and colours of the trousers are kept simple, it follows what is already in the market colour wise.

Retro Polo Shirt

Retro polo shirts have a new twist, they have been designed to be sold to a variety of the market. The retro polo shirts are a mixture of sporty, original and contemporary shirts. There are appearances of new prints you wouldn’t usually see on polo shirts which gives it new life.

Collegiate Knit

This a great knitwear to use in the summer!! These knitwear have new designs, they are also quite versatile they can be worn on their own or wear a shirt underneath. These are great for the days that are quite breezy.


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