Listen Different: August (2017)

    August brings us another Listen Different selection.

    This month we have some great music, a unique range of music that will be perfect for your playlists.

    Sure Sure ‘Koreatown’

    If you like some groovy indie-pop this latest single by the splendid Sure Sure will be just for you. It features smooth vocals and striking production that will move this song into your daily playlist. Sure Sure have developed an image that is a pleasure to follow, unquestionably a project to watch.

    SHMN ‘Things You Know’ feat. John M

    Now, if you are looking for something bit more serious but dynamic and full of energy, SHMN’s latest single featuring John M will be the one for you. This club anthem has smooth sailing synths that will teleport you into the world of night life. SHMN might be among many in the world of dance music, but certainly a name that stands out from the crowd.

    KOWL ‘Memories’

    So, if you are craving for more electronic dance music, ‘Memories’ by the wonderful and super promising KOWL will fulfill your needs. It features vibrant synths throughout, a pumping beat and most importantly a vibe that will keep you dancing for days. Is KOWL the next Daft Punk or Justice?

    TenYearsGone ‘Take Me Home’

    As summer is coming to an end, we still want something with some power and energy to maintain the great vibe of summer for the rest of the year. Luckily, we have ‘Take Me Home’ by TenYearsGone which is a truly coruscating song that features some smooth vocals that go hand in hand with a powerfully-dynamic production. British music producer TenYearsGone will be on our radar for years to come for sure.

    Proxy & AC Slater ‘Magic Word’

    On the other hand, if you are still missing that night life or wanting to have more of it. Latest single ‘Magic Word’ from the Russian music producer Proxy and AC Slater will provide you with just that. It is truly a club banger that will teleport you into the world of the European nightlife. Proxy does not shy away from the dance scene which is why he will only succeed to get bigger in an area of music that is consistently growing.

    TSUKI ‘For The Days We Lost’

    We are proud to once again feature the well-rounded and multi-talented TSUKI. Once again, TSUKI proves to use why he is the name to watch in the music world. With beautiful subtle synths and clear showcase of maturity as a music producer, he proves his talents once more in his latest ambient track ‘For The Days We Lost’.

    5ALVO ‘Glad To’ feat. NAT

    If you are looking for more groovy music, ‘Glad To’ by the spectacular 5ALVO and NAT will be the one for you. It features breathtaking production that will let you escape into the world of thoughts. 5ALVO is consistently developing his image as a music producer, with great production he offers today we are sure he will go far.

    Men I Trust ‘You Deserve This’

    Groovy, minimal and simply smooth-sailing would be a few great words to describe this song by Men I Trust. Other than great music, it features a stunning music video that is executed perfectly. Nowadays we see so many simple or basic videos, luckily with Men I Trust we get originality, maturity and simplicity in the form of perfection. Everything comes together in this song, from the lovely bass and dripping-like vocals. Simply, splendid music.

    Chris Porter ‘Crashing Down’

    Now, if you are looking for something more melancholic or deep. ‘Crashing Down’ might be just the song for you. Sleek production that progress it into a heavy-hitting song, one for the playlists for sure. This one is perfect to end our summers in a mood that slowly fades us into the more monotone lifestyle of autumn.

    Nelson Can ‘Move Forward’

    Finally, we finish our August selection with a bang. This latest alternative song by the earth-moving Nelson Can is frankly thunderous and evolving. Other than make a mark for themselves, Nelson Can proves to use that they are the name to watch in the music world.



    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas is the Editor-in-Chief at Our Culture Mag. He regularly delves into modern art, fashion, and photography. Modestas is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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