Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

A bandana is great for accessorising your outfits. Different styles of bandana suit different looks better than others. Here are some styled bandanas that can easily go with most of your outfits that look stylish as well.

1. Neckerchief

In other words this is like a boy scout style. You firstly fold the bandana into a triangle and you keep folding it over until you have a strip. You then wrap this around the neck, the tips  should meet at the front and to secure tie a knot. This is a great way of adding colour to the look. This is great for casual and semi-formal looks, you can wear it with a t-shirt or a shirt.

2. Neckscarf

This is a classic look you see quite often. You fold the bandana into a triangle and then you place the triangle in front of your neck which you tie the end at the back of the neck. Afterwards just style the bandana like lowering it or straightening out so it doesn’t look out of place. This is great for festivals and casualwear like t-shirt.

3. Pocket square

If you don’t have a pocket square at hand but you have a bandana then use it as an alternative. Style it as you would with your own pocket square and put into place. This is great for semi-formal clothing, rather than formal, because a bandana is considered casual so it probably won’t be suitable for formal wear.