Fashionable Ideas To Wear A Silk Scarf

    There are many different ways to style your look with a scarf! Since it’s almost autumn it will start getting chilly again it may not keep you completely warm but it will definitely make you look fashionable.

    Leave it untied at the front

    This is an on the go look, if you’re in a hurry then this is the look for you! It’s very easy, just put the scarf on your neck and style at the front, even out the ends unless you’re not too fussed about and create volume. This is great worn with a denim jacket, coat or a long sleeve top.


    If you want an edgier look then you should try out the choker. Simply fold your scarf in half and keep keep folding until you get the desired height for the choker. Wrap this around your neck and tie a knot. Tuck in the ends to keep it neat. This is great to wear with a t-shirt or a jumper or a chic little coat.

    Girl Scout 

    It almost looks like how a girl scout scarf is tied but more loose and less defined. If you have a square silk scarf, fold into a triangle and tie at the front. If you have a rectangular shape then drape the scarf in front. Tie it loosely and shape it to your desired look. This would look great with thin coats and jumpers.

    Drape at the front and secure with a belt

    If you feel like your dress or top is looking a bit too ordinary and you want to add some style then you should try this out. This works with a long silk scarf. Firstly, drape the scarf around your neck and style the scarf as you like and when you’re done secure it with a belt to keep the ends in place.

    Ayana Torio
    Ayana Torio
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