Interview: Sonia Alins

    Sonia Alins is a creative artist/illustrator based in Spain.

    Sonia Has been on a roll of achievements lately being awarded a bronze A’Design Award in arts, crafts and ready-made design category 2016-2017, Merit winner at 3×3 International Illustration Show nº 14 (2017) organized by 3×3 Magazine of NY and Selected Winner at the Latin American ilustración 6 (2017), organized by American Illustration and American Photography. We have already made a feature on some of her work which you can check out here. This is our interview with Sonia Alins.

    Sonia Alins
    Are you working on anything new and exciting? 

    I’m working on the last details of an illustrated book for the Spanish publishing house Yacaré Libros, that includes two short stories. This is a project I have illustrated completely, every page of it, using two totally different registers and experimenting with the aesthetic that I’ve developed during the last three years.

    Why and how did you become interested in illustration?

    Since I was a child I’ve felt passion for illustration and painting. I used to spend all of my time drawing and looking at books devoted to master artists. Now, I realise how my artworks collect many of those references that I was interested in. In addition, at Salamanca University I had the opportunity to study with Miguel Ángel Pacheco, awarded twice with the National Illustration Award in Spain. For me, this was an incredible experience and influence.

    Do you have a favourite medium?

    I love to work with inks and collage (fabrics, plastics, different kinds of papers,…) and I like that my artworks can be perceived tri-dimensionally through different resources.

    What’s your source of inspiration?

    I would define myself as empathic and sensitive. Almost anything (a personal experience, an impression, a landscape) is likely to become part of my artworks. My family and my dreams are a great source of inspiration too: some days I wake up with a good repertoire of ideas from my dreams. Sometimes I think my mind keeps working even when I’m asleep.

    There are also artists that are a constant source of inspiration to me: Goya, Picasso, El Bosco, Joseph Cornell, Yves Klein and many of the 20th Century avant-garde artists; Spanish illustrators such as Elena Odriozola, Pablo Amargo and Isidro Ferrer; and photographers Barbara Morgan, Francesca Woodman and Chema Madoz. Literature, poetry, music and cinema are also a big influence on me.

    Do you have any creative routines?

    When I start a project, I feel obsessed with it and it’s difficult for me to establish a schedule. Also, I’m easily absorbed by my work and, while doing it, materials, tools and many sketches accumulate on my table.

    Water Woman_VI
    What role does the artist have in a society?

    The artist, as any other person, has a responsibility in our society. Art is another tool with which you can work to try to improve it.

    What do you hope to accomplish with your art?

    I would like to keep working to get a personal and unique style, both in aesthetics and techniques, transmitting all the emotions and feelings I feel.

    How do you know a piece is finished?

    When I start working on a piece, I have a very clear idea about what I want to get. When I finally see that idea reflected in the artwork, I know I have finished it. Sometimes It’s a hard process and I need to repeat the artwork more than once until I achieve my objective.

    Any advice for aspiring artists?

    An artistic career is a wonderful way of life. But it isn’t always easy so it is necessary to be passionate about art and strive for it every day.

    To find more out about Sonia Alins check out her social media links:

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