Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter Collection

Here is a quick break down of what you’ll see in the Dolce and Gabbana’s Fall Collection. First of all the collection looks like military mixed with royalty. Just like their summer collection you should expect the level of detail they add onto their garments for this season too.

Patterned Suits

This takes suits to a whole other level. Suits on it’s own makes a statement let alone a suit that has colours and patterns. It shows suits can be worn like as a fashion piece. Although if you are going to work you may want to reconsider wearing this piece as it makes you stand out and it probably won’t follow your clothing policy.

Military Coats

Again they have changed something serious into something fashionable to wear. I like the design of the military coat on the woman. I quite liked the asymmetrical design of the embellishments. The coat on the man is much simpler but it works well with the buttons and the pattern.

Patchwork on Coats

This is quite an interesting design a puffer coat with patch work. It definitely creates a unique look and less ordinary. It gives more to the eye than just the coat it self because of the different fabrications and patterns used.

Embroidered Jackets

I love the embroidery on these jackets. Embroidery is still fashion and it’s nice to see something else that isn’t just floral embroidery. You can never have too much design on a garment, not only are the jackets embroidered but they also have embellishments which complete the looks.

Jumpers with Designs

It’s that time where we start to bring out our jumpers so why not go for a unique design. I love both of the jumpers one is much simpler than the other, but they stand out as much as each other.

If would like to see the whole collection click here.



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