Sound Selection 015

    Our 15th Sound Selection is here. Once again we bring you great diverse music to fill your collections.

    Like Magic ‘Underside’

    To start of our Sound Selection we have a deep and mysterious track named ‘Underside’ by the terrific Like Magic who combines a wave of elements to bring us quite the trip. With this song Like Magic truly hits the map in the world of music.

    Roman Kouder ‘LOST’ feat. Josh Tobias

    Another terrific to enter our selection is ‘LOST’ by Roman Kouder, who showcases his vocal talent and combines it with Disclosure-like production to give us a great commercial house song. Truly great work by a promising artist.

    Milan ‘Rewind’

    Furthermore, we have ‘Rewind’ by the young and talented Milan. With this single Milan showcases her skill to perform and write songs, a truly promising young talent everyone should follow. Big things to come.

    Still Changing ‘The Cost of a Life’

    Coming to us with pure energy and power we have Still Changing who bring us ‘The Cost of a Life’ a terrific commercial song with great catchy lyrics. A song to be played on repeat for sure.

    Joshua Moriarty ‘R.T.F.L.’

    Rewinding back to a more chill out vibe, we have Joshua Moriarty who brings us his latest single ‘R.T.F.L.’. In this deep Electro Pop song, Moriarty brings out his vocal talent, composure and maturity to produce a song. Great work by an exciting artist.

    Plateau Green ‘Yai Eyes’

    Another artist to experiment with vocals and deep sounds is Plateau Green who moulds various vocal hooks with deep short attack kicks and smooth sub bass to give us a simply magnificent song named ‘Yai Eyes’. A song for those that love something a little different.

    Jon Vinyl ‘Nostalgia’

    With terrific production and silky smooth vocals, we have Jon Vinyl, who combines his splendid vocal talent with golden lyrics to give us his song ‘Nostalgia’. Vinyl showcases his great comfort in singing and knowing his own groove. This one is a must for every playlist.

    Little Glass Man ‘Eternal Nectar’

    We love House music on Sound Selection and this time bringing us a great track for the selection is Little Glass Man with ‘Eternal Nectar’. Lasting around five minutes, this song will take you on a quite a journey. A truly great house track that combines smooth pluck leads, ambient vocals and steady patterns.

    CAVVIAR ‘Cassette’

    Our final song in this Sound Selection is ‘Cassette’ by the super-fun CAVVIAR’. Other than having a great music video, this song is a pure jam. CAVVIAR combines humorous vocals with a terrific 80’s throwback beat to give us a perfect joy for the weeks ahead.

    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas is the Editor-in-Chief at Our Culture Mag. He regularly delves into modern art, fashion, and photography. Modestas is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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