We are proud to premiere ‘Second Castle’ by the terrific This Week in the Universe.

Ending this week we have a vibrant duo This Week in the Universe presenting us their latest track ‘Second Castle’. This Week in the Universe is made up out of Beau and Casey Golden, two brothers that have a true passion for 80’s music and 70’s Progressive Rock. With both having great talents in music, they have joined together to make this great collaborative project This Week in the Universe.

As for the song, ‘Second Castle’ is part of a twelve song album named ‘This Week in the Universe’, and is now being re-released as a single with a stunning music video to go with it. It is driven by smooth synths, chillout keys and a throwback vibe that will keep it on repeat for weeks to come.

“Magnificent work by a very promising project”

Here is a beautiful stop-motion music video for that extra visual reference we all like. A truly magnificent piece of work made out of around 3,500 individual images. The music video was directed and shot by Casey and Beau Golden and their talented uncle Adam Barnard.

You can stream ‘Second Castles’ and the full album here. If you would like to find out more about This Week in the Universe and keep up to date with them, you can follow them here and here.

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