Sound Selection 017

    We are pleased to once again present you with a great Sound Selection. This range of music will surely keep you on your feet.

    Safetalk ‘Mimic’

    The first song to enter our selection is ‘Mimic’ by the wonderful Safetalk. This single is the perfect song for those night time drives, a genuinely mysterious trip. This one is for the playlists for sure.

    Alexx Mack ‘Your Car’ feat. EXES

    Another great song to enter our selection is ‘Your Car’ by Alexx Mack featuring EXES. This single is driven by raw and emotional vocals, that will keep you awake for weeks to come with its authentic vibe.

    Cale Hawkins ‘Don’t Let My Ink Fade’

    Furthermore, we have the beautifully produced song ‘Don’t Let My Ink Fade’ by the eye-opening Cale Hawkins. Hawkins establishes a style of his own early on his latest single. With great structure and a wave-like groove, this single will keep you on your feet.

    Holy Wars ‘Mother Father’

    For more emotional music we have ‘Mother Father’ by the well-rounded and genuinely talented Holy Wars, who combines her original vocals with a vibe of nostalgia and home. Simply stunning music.

    RIVVRS ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’

    Once again, when great music comes to us, we take it. RIVVRS gives us just that, a beautiful song that takes us on a journey of a lost romantic. ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ is an excellent addition to any playlist looking for genuine and authentic music.

    Haulm ‘Settle’

    For more of an electronic vibe, we have ‘Settle’ by the terrific Haulm. This single is a combination of minimalist sparkling lead plucks and haunting vocals that will keep with you for weeks to come.

    Digitalism ‘Jet’

    They are back. This time with their highly driven song ‘Jet’. The well-known and respected Digitalism bring us a great wave of energy in their latest single, something we ought to expect from them.

    Shaun Barrowes ‘DragonGirl’

    Now for something fun, we have ‘DragonGirl’ by the talented singer-songwriter Shaun Barrowes, who truly brings out the love in his latest single through great vocals and fun-blasting lyrics.

    Lake Jons ‘Colors’

    The last song to enter this Sound Selection is ‘Colors’ by the splendid and truly mysterious Lake Jons. This single emerges us into his music world by combining groovy patterns and ear-comforting vocals. A song for any ear.

    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas is the Editor-in-Chief at Our Culture Mag. He regularly delves into modern art, fashion, and photography. Modestas is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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