PORTH LA a collection by EUDON CHOI

    EUDON CHOI showcases his collection Porth La for Autumn/Winter 2018.

    EUDON CHOI looks to the Cornish harbor town of St Ives, (Porth la in Cornish) taking inspiration from a collection of modernist artists who settled there post World War I. He translates the relationship between artist; Christopher Wood, Ben Nicholson and Alfred Wallis, and how rugged their environment was to create a collection that pays homage to St Ives as a muse to so many artists and a place of artistic pilgrimage. He celebrates the abstract art and Cornish light as well as paying homage to the brave fishermen who worked the harsh sea and the tin and copper miner, who were once such an important part of the Cornish way of life.

    This season EUDON CHOI teams up with renowned milliner Noel Stewart to create a modern take on a sou’wester inspired by the commercial fishing trade that is waterproof and luxurious. The pair shares a passion for using traditional techniques, modernity, and craftsmanship, creating the subtly extraordinary.

    I love the fabrication on the coats as well as their shapes. Some of the coats were buttoned up or tied up or opened. The fabrication on these was gorgeous as well as the color choice. I was quite drawn to the accessories from the hats to the bags, some were small handbags others were quite big with a strap to the side of the bag instead of the top.

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