Sound Selection 036

    The beloved Sound Selection is back for the 36th time.

    Swardy ‘Here On My Own’

    The first song to enter this edition of Sound Selection is by Swardy named ‘Here On My Own.’ In his latest track which is part of a bigger EP also titled ‘Here On My Own’, Swardy, showcases a progressive-house orientated structure with mellow vocals and stunning vintage-like bass. With this song released, we are sure to hear more great things from the exciting and promising artist known as Swardy.

    Tendendo ‘Ghost’ feat. Blasko

    The next song to enter our Sound Selection is by Tendendo featuring Blasko. In this song named ‘Ghost’, the two gifted artists combine beautiful vocals and vivid bass elements to form ear-pleasing dynamics that makes this song a must for any playlist. This one is for the playlists.

    Gina Brooklyn ‘Normal’

    By shifting our frequencies, we have ‘Normal’ by the teenage sensation Gina Brooklyn. In this song, Brooklyn showcases her authentic and genuinely exciting vocals with a layer of authenticity and avidity. While Brooklyn is still a young artist, the heaps of potential and talent she presents in her song gives us no doubt that we will hear more from her shortly.

    Feelø ‘Adios’ feat. Harman

    Another magnificent song to enter our Sound Selection is by Feelø named ‘Adios’ featuring Harman. In this fresh collaboration, the two artists combine an energetic commercially-driven beat with booming vocals that will make this song a much-loved repeater for your playlists.

    Ivey ‘Always’

    Previously featured four-piece band Ivey are back, but this time with their fun-driven song ‘Always.’ In this lively anthem, Ivey, bring a wave of catchy and well-memorable lyrics that will keep you dancing for a fortnight to come. ‘Always’ is a perfect party song and one we recommend.

    ZOLA ‘Too Fast Too Soon’

    The final song to enter our Sound Selection is by ZOLA, who brings us a wave of solid and purely superb vocals in her new unforgettable song ‘Too Fast Too Soon.’ With this song released, we are sure to hear more majestic music from ZOLA who looks to become a household name in the world of music.

    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas is the Editor-in-Chief at Our Culture Mag. He regularly delves into modern art, fashion, and photography. Modestas is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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