Sound Selection 037

Most people love Sound Selection; others cannot live without it. Sound Selection is back.

Peter Kuli & Still Haze ‘Potion’

The first song to enter this edition of Sound Selection is a collaboration between Peter Kuli and Still Haze named ‘Potion.’ In this deep-driven melancholic song, the duo present a collaboration that is ear-pleasing for anyone that enjoys Soul mixed with Electronica. The duo might not be making waves yet; however, they have arisen some ripples around them.

H Kenneth ‘Now & Then’

Bringing us into Indie-Pop, we have H Kenneth with ‘Now & Then.’ In this song, the standout vocals bring this song alive and fashion a lively atmosphere that remains throughout the duration of the song. This song doesn’t just get us excited; but also eager to follow H Kenneth for more dazzling music.

Max Frost ‘Eleven Days’

Beautiful would be one way to describe this song. Frost, who is an American solo act, brings us a warm, heartfelt and more so broken-hearted song that elevates with splendidly written lyrics, smooth vocals and an overall production that makes ‘Eleven Days’ a possible chart hit. With thousands of plays already accumulated on his Spotify, we cannot wait to see how far ‘Eleven Days’ goes.

Kat Cunning ‘Stay On The Line’

Another terrific song to enter our Sound Selection is by Kat Cunning, who takes us on a journey with her silvery and pleasant vocals that makes this song a winner from the get-go. With this song released, we are sure to hear more of Cunning’s terrific songwriting in the months to come.

fuzzy luv ‘sneak’

The final song to enter our Sound Selection is by fuzzy luv who gives us ‘sneak.’ In this splendid instrumental, fuzzy luv delivers a wave of wonderful dynamics by springing a range of tremendous samples and incorporating them throughout a thought-out structure.


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