Sustainable Fashion: 5 Ways You Can Be Sustainable with What You Own

If you are conscious about sustainable fashion, you can start with what you own. You may already be doing these things, but here is a shortlist that will hopefully help you or someone else you know.

Pass down

One of the typical ways to keep the longevity of the clothes is by passing them down to family and friends. It is one of the common ways that people have been getting rid of their clothes over centuries and remains vital when it comes to sustainable fashion. If you are a recipient of some older clothes, you can always alter them to match your style, if needed.


Another common way to extend the longevity of your clothes is to donate them to charities; in fact, this can be your accessories as well as shoes. There are places now that take unwanted clothing, and you may even receive a reward from the store, such as coupons or gift cards. If you own branded clothing and you want to make some money off it, then you may choose to sell it on websites or apps for other people to make use out of your unwanted clothes. Depop and eBay are good examples of a place to sell your clothing.


You may have clothing that you may want to get rid off, but it doesn’t meet charity standards, or they are not in good enough condition for someone else to wear. An alternative to other options is to look for recycling areas that take textiles. You could ask around some charity shops that recycle old unwanted clothing.


If you love a piece of item that you don’t want to throw away, you could always repair the item if it is repairable. If you are a beginner and unsure of what to do, you can look on YouTube to give you some guidance. Otherwise, if you have family or friends that know how to repair old clothes, then you could ask them to help you. Finally, if you run out of options, there are plenty of places that can fix them for you, but it might cost you a bit of money.


If some clothes are unrepairable and you love the design or pattern on an item, you can turn it into something else by altering it. This will not just be a great alternative to throwing away your clothes, but also turning them into something that may save you money. Options for altering include making smaller versions of the clothing, turning trousers into shorts, or even using an old t-shirt and turning it into a bag.


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