Futurelicious by Sebastian Weiss

    Sebastian Weiss, a well-known photographer for architectural photography with eye-pleasing aesthetics, presented a superb series in which he explores magnificent buildings in the neighbourhood of Belval in Luxembourg. Belval is a place known for large steelworks that dominate the view, and this series illustrates that perfectly.

    Writing about the series Weiss stated: “With this series I document the successful transition from a former location of heavy industry to a state-of-the-art knowledge site and its remarkable buildings from architects like Polaris Architects, Baumschlager Eberle, Witry & Witry or Valentiny hvp architects. Some traces of industry have been integrated into the new urban concept and have become a symbol of renewal; a bridge between the past and the future.”

    Find more brilliant work by Sebastian Weiss here.

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