Isolation Activity Ideas to Keep You Sane

    Bored of being bored? After a number of months in lockdown, it has become a little tedious now and most of us are keen to get back to normality. But the pandemic isn’t over yet, we still need to be staying home as much as possible to control the virus and that means keeping ourselves busy. Here are a few ideas for going about it. 

    Arts and Crafts

    If you’re a lover of Pinterest, you’ll know the site is crammed with ideas for crafts that are appropriate for all skill levels. This kind of task encourages creativity and imagination, something we don’t tend to get much time to practice and enjoy as adults when we work mundane jobs. It’s a lot of fun, and if you’re good at what you do you could even start an Etsy business selling the end product. Think jewellery making, candle or soap making, painting, design- the list is endless. 


    It might not be the most productive hobby, but there’s no doubt that gaming can be fun and can kill a few hours when you’re sat at home bored. Whether it’s an app, a PC game or a console, you’ve usually got the option to play alone or with others. If you have real life friends who use the same gaming platform as you, you could even arrange an online session where you play and chat and socialise- perfect since meeting up isn’t possible right now. 

    TV day

    One of the great things to come out of lockdown (if you’re not still going to work) is having some time to just relax and kickback. It’s such a rare thing to happen, we spend most of our lives stuck in the rat race and maintaining our routines, that time to indulge in movies and tv series only usually happens at Christmas. If there’s a series you’ve always wanted to watch from the beginning, now is definitely the time to do that. Troypoint reviews best VPN for Firestick so along with Netflix and cable tv if you have it, you certainly shouldn’t be short on options and things to watch. You’ll still want to maintain some normality in your life by exercising, eating meals and sleeping at the normal times, but if you have a day with nothing at all planned then put your feet up and really enjoy it. Realistically, when are you ever going to get chance to do this again?!


    Baking is something that many of us have gotten into since lockdown restrictions were put in place, as it’s a fun and relaxing activity that can be done at home. And plus, you get to eat whatever you’ve baked afterwards! From cakes and cookies to bread and pastries, there are plenty of different routes to go down. Whether you’re already a skilled baker or a total beginner, there will be projects for you to try. 

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