Ways of Becoming a Better Artist

    Becoming an artist doesn’t require training, experience, or qualifications. While these things can help you to learn new skills and hone your talents, simply embracing your innate creative talents is all it takes to realize your ambition to become an artist.

    Learning how to become a better artist requires a little more perseverance, however. No matter what your chosen medium is, you’ll need to be prepared to put the work in and be willing to challenge yourself if you want to succeed. 

    Of course, becoming a better artist needn’t involve placing undue pressure on yourself or comparing yourself to other creators. Instead, take a look at this ultimate guide and enjoy the natural evolution as you embrace your talents and develop your skills to become a better artist.

    Start with the basics

    If you don’t have much experience, starting with the basics is always a good option. Learning advanced techniques may stand you in good stead but you’ll struggle to enhance your artistry if you haven’t got the basics down. 

    Before moving on to oil or watercolor paintings, for example, start by sketching with pencils. This will give you the opportunity to create compositions, capture the essence of your subjects, and bring an image to life. 

    Even the most experienced artists regularly work on the basics, so don’t overlook this crucial step because you’re eager to move forward. By focusing on the basics now and making them a core element of your life as an artist, you can ensure you always have the critical skills you need to create fabulous art. 

    Get the right equipment

    Having access to the right equipment is essential for any artist but it isn’t always easy. If you’re still exploring the art world, you won’t want to spend thousands on top of the range easels, paints, sculpting tools, or materials. Similarly, if you’re a budding photographer, you may not have thousands of dollars to throw down on a state-of-the-art camera. Fortunately, you don’t need an unlimited budget to become a better artist.

    There are some great budget-friendly brands that offer high-quality tools and equipment. By collaborating with other artists and reaching out to people online, you can get personalized recommendations and find equipment that will meet your needs. 

    Furthermore, you don’t have to buy or own equipment in order to be a better artist. Borrowing or renting tools gives you the chance to try out lots of different brands and various types of equipment with minimal costs. Every artist is different, and people have unique preferences when it comes to the tools they use. Making the effort to try new techniques and experiment with different pieces of equipment will help you on your journey and give you the freedom to develop as an artist. 

    Spend time observing

    No matter what medium you choose to work in, observing what’s around you will always help you to become a better artist. Assessing subjects from different viewpoints, switching from a wide focus to a narrow view, and paying attention to the impact that the light has on a subject are all important processes for an artist. Of course, observation doesn’t stop there.

    To truly capture a landscape or subject, you’ll want to be able to build a visual library. Instead of actively observing when you’re planning a composition, sculpture, or shot, learn how to observe more closely in everyday life too. 

    When you truly observe your surroundings, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration. Whether you’re standing on a cliff face, watching two people interact or surrounding by stunning architecture, paying close attention will enable you to see what’s around you in new ways. 

    In addition to this, your observations will encourage you to think about how you would portray these scenes or subjects in your artwork. As you’ll be routinely planning compositions in your head, you’ll be consistently practicing the skill of capturing real life within your art. When you finally decide to put pencil to paper, this practice will enhance your skills and ensure you can convey the most important elements of any scene. 

    Experience other people’s art

    Art can be a solitary passion if you choose to make it that way. However, art is uniquely wonderful for its ability to bring people together and create shared experiences. Although the impact a piece of art has on you may be wildly different from the effect it has on someone else, simply sharing the moment of experiencing it for the first time is a unifying and bonding process. 

    As you strive to become a better artist, you’ll find that experiencing other people’s work helps you to hone your own skills. Comparing how you would have captured a subject to how an artist chose to do so will help to open your mind to alternative concepts and encourage you to keep thinking outside the box. 

    When it comes to the more technical aspects of artistry, actively seeking out other people’s art gives you the opportunity to learn from their talent and experience. Furthermore, comparing an artist’s early work to their latest pieces allows you to see their own evolution as an artist and gives you confidence that you too will become a more accomplished artist over time. 

    Incorporating Art into Your Life

    Whether you’re aiming to become a professional artist, you want to enhance your skills to become a better hobbyist or you simply like the emotional benefits that art brings, making it part of your life is always worthwhile. 

    Through art, you can challenge yourself and others, as well as inspire, motivate, and reassure them. Whatever message you choose to convey through your work, art gives you a unique opportunity to present your views, feelings, and priorities, even if you’re unaware of them at the time. 

    Taking the time to become a better artist won’t just help you to produce more accomplished pieces; it will enable you to enjoy the creative process even more and ensure you have the confidence to share your talents with the wider world.

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