Your Guide to Gaming on the Go

    Mobile gaming gives you the freedom to play your favorite titles at any time. Whether you’re a fan of FPS and RPG games or you prefer the challenge of strategy and puzzle platforms, gaming on the go means you’ll never succumb to boredom again. 

    From handheld consoles to smartphones and tablets, there are endless ways to enjoy the latest releases. To ensure you’ve got everything you need to go mobile, take a look at these essential tips for gaming on the go:

    Choose your device

    If you’re a serious gamer, chances are you already have a go-to device. However, if you’re new to gaming, you’ll want to ensure you have the right device at hand. Remember – some titles are only available on certain devices, so do double-check that your favorite games are accessible on your chosen device. 

    Smartphones are super-handy for on the go gaming but they don’t always offer an immersive experience. If you want to benefit from the best graphics and the most realistic gameplay, charge your laptop and take it on the go with you or treat yourself to a handheld console that’s ideal for traveling.

    Preserve battery life

    A low battery will cut any gaming session short, so do everything you can to prevent your battery from depleting. In low signal areas, devices will work harder to stay connected, which means your battery will drain at a faster rate. 

    You can prevent this from happening by using signal boosters and limiting the effort your device has to make to remain connected to 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi. Taking a spare battery pack on the go with you is, perhaps, the easiest way to ensure you never run out of power. Affordable and lightweight power packs are widely available, so throw one in your bag to make sure you’re never short of charge. 

    Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay

    Constant interruptions can affect your overall enjoyment of a game and throw you off your stride. Before you immerse yourself in the latest release, take steps to ensure you won’t be interrupted. Turning off two-factor authentication means it’s easier to make microtransactions when you’re on the go, for example. With step-by-step instructions available at, you can turn off two factor authentication in seconds and enjoy gaming with a total lack of interruptions. However, there are other ways to enhance your gameplay too. 

    If you’re gaming on the go, don’t let noise disrupt your experience. Noise-canceling headphones make it easy to immerse yourself in a virtual world while cutting out what’s going on around you. Similarly, anti-glare screen protectors will keep your device in tip-top condition and ensure you have a perfect view of your device, no matter what the conditions are. 

    Start Mobile Gaming Today

    If you own a smartphone, chances are you already engage in mobile gaming. However, your experience doesn’t have to stop with an ad hoc game of Candy Crush or a few hands of solitaire. As mobile devices become even more powerful, major developers are redesigning and re-releasing titles purely for mobile devices. Make the most of your chance to enhance your mobile experience and start gaming on the go today.

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