What Our Homes Say About Us

    We all love our homes to be just so, but do you know what your personal style and taste in the home says about you? Are you well-travelled? Creative? Relaxed and calm? These are all personality traits that can well and truly come across in the way you decorate your space.

    “Home is where the heart is”, and if you express yourself by decorating your home, there’s a reason why the saying resonates with people. You’ll always return to your home – it’s a place of comfort and safety, and it’s meant to represent who you are, not a trend that comes and goes.

    Whether it’s intentional or not, find out what your home might be saying about you…

    Bringing the outside, in

    If you’re one to litter your home with beautiful plants and flowers, you’re more than likely to be a lover of the outdoors and someone who enjoys spending time in nature. There are so many benefits to introducing plants into your home – not only do they look good and add evoke a sense of peace and tranquillity, but they help to purify the air in your home too.

    The literature lover

    Do most of your rooms house an eclectic choice of books and novels? No matter what genre they are, if your home is adorned with books you’re likely to be a lover of literature. You’re also likely to enjoy a deep conversation about a number of different topics, and it’s also a sign that you’re very open-minded. You’ll also have a willingness to try new things and explore new ideas.

    All the well-travelled vibes

    Are your shelves carefully decorated with memories of your travels across the world? Then you’re not only likely an avid traveller, but people who spruce their homes up with decorative items, tend to be very ambitious. These people want to show their home at its best, and know that it’s these little things that make a big impression.

    Every neutral shade of the rainbow

    Often if your home is carefully decorated with neutral tones, whether that’s on the wall or in the form of cushions and other soft furnishings, you’re likely to have a calm nature and enjoy the slower, much simpler life.

    A vibrant colour palette

    Is your front door a bright colour? Maybe you love hanging paintings around the home and decorating with bold wallpaper? If your home boasts a vibrant colour palette, then you’re likely to be a creative soul. According to Pantone, pink or lavender is youthful and spirited and Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Colour Institute said that “someone who paints their front door a vibrant pink or yellow is making a statement that life should be fun”. Will you be getting your brightest pot of paint out now?

    No matter what your personality traits may be, make sure your home says the right thing about you. Whether you’re organised and love that everything fits neatly into your fitted wardrobes, or you’re messier but it’s a true reflection of who you are, it’s important that you do you!

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