Interior Design Trends For The Second Half Of 2020.

To say 2020 so far has been uneventful would be an outright lie, life in the first half of this year has been confusing, strange and at times depressing, but as we enter the second half of 2020 most of us are hoping that everything calms down a bit. Whilst we do that, there are many new trends in interior design that have cropped up, that look like they’ll be the trends to take notice of in the second half of the year.

To get the low down on what interior décor trends we need to pay attention to for the rest of the year, we spoke to the team at to get their input on what fashions are trending and what sort of décor is really taking off.

Stripes Are Back In Play

Whilst stripes have long been a part of fashion and interior décor, they’ve been used less frequently in the interior design world as of late, but in the past month or so, stripe-centric trends have emerged in the interior décor world.

Stripes as a flourish to a room have really taken over as a subtle design choice, when over-used stripes can be a be overbearing, the new more subtle use of stripes is a lot more friendly and accessible. You can see stripes being especially popular on small furnishings such as cushions and window blinds, with stripy day and night blinds being very popular at the moment.

Bright Colours Are Essential

As we said at the start of this article, this year hasn’t been an overly happy one so far, with more people struggling with loneliness and mental health issues due to lockdown and all the events that have happened so far. With such a rise in negative feelings, brining bright colours into your home is essential.

Bright colours in the home have been shown to increase your mood, because of this interior designers are adding in more bright colours to their colour palettes and design philosophy. People need colour in their life and that’s leading to bright and vibrant colours becoming a trend. There are really 2 approached to this bright colour philosophy, either: going all in and having an entire room designed around vivid colours or using small furnishings to accentuate the colour of a room and add highlights to a room.

Biophillia Is The Next Big Thing

You’re probably asking yourself what biophilia is, in terms of interior design, it’s the philosophy of bringing nature into the home, whether in potted plants, landscape paintings or natural colour schemes. You can see that more and more people are leaning into this philosophy whilst they’ve been stuck at home.

And this trend looks like it will end up being the biggest trend of the year as people look to bring the joy of nature to their homes. You’ll see this in practice with home littered with plants, open air spaces and natural colours like greens and browns.


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