Hayden Calnin Unveils New EP ‘Soon Forever’

    Hayden Calnin, an Australian singer-songwriter and producer, has released his latest four-track EP Soon Forever featuring songs such as We Can Take Our Time, Mountain Steeps, As I Exit, Pts. I & II, and Unfortunate Love which features Harrison Storm.

    In this latest EP, Calnin showcases his ear-pleasing vocals and nature-inspired soundscape that he has developed. Talking about the EP Calnin stated: “Soon Forever was about trying to capture my surroundings through music. Showcasing an environment rather than the stories they would tell. I’ve been living by the beach, so I wanted it to feel like the beach. However, not just the typical sunny day beach, but also the cold rainy day beach, the windy evening beach, the morning still of the beach. The lyrics fell in to fit the world, rather than the other way around. It was the first time I had dedicated myself to starting with the music before the lyrics, and I’m really happy I did.”

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