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    Hobbies and passions can lead to some life-changing careers. A passion for music can lead to some exciting, world traveling careers. But there are other lucrative options too. Event planning can combine some pretty big passions—music, organization, people, and certainly a passion for completing a project. Additionally, exploring opportunities to sell tickets with Stripe can add a seamless and secure payment solution to enhance your event planning endeavors.

    Event planning has become more popular in recent years. The luxury of having your event tailormade for you while you just get on with your day-to-day life is a great thing. Think about how many events happen globally every day? It’s lucrative, active, and a lot of fun. 

    What is event planning? 

    Evens break down into a range of categories:-

    • Education – training, conferences, graduations
    • Promotional – launches, fashion shows, political events
    • Commemorations – memorials
    • Celebrations – weddings, birthdays, parties, social events

    There are many more too. You can choose to specialize in a niche or be flexible and do everything. 

    Before you can put on an event, you are going to have to take some of the following steps:- 

    • Researching the event type
    • Creating a theme
    • Finding the right locations
    • Meeting with decor, food, and entertainment suppliers.
    • Transportation planning
    • Invitations
    • Accommodation
    • Supervising on the day of the event

    There may be more; there may be less. It is up to your business model how that looks. 

    Who becomes an event planner?

    Event planning is an attractive job prospect for many different types of people. Usually getting started in a different career and finding more ways to tie that into a well-paid career. Event planners sometimes start out on the events team for their local hotels and music venues. That is part of the learning process that can make becoming an event planner so much fun. 

    Market research

    Learn more about what other event planners are in your location, the services they provide, and how much they charge. Some of what they do will be applicable, and other things won’t be. 

    You will also need to decide on your own niche. Will you specialize in corporate events, weddings, or live music events? You should opt for something you have a passion for and will enjoy for years to come. 

    Start-up costs

    You can start your event company on a tight budget. If you rent office space, then you will need enough money to keep your office for a few months. You can also purchase a number of items that are commonly used for the type of events that you will be arranging: chair covers, chalkboards, cool cornhole options, backdrops for photos, photo booth props. 

    If you work from home and store the items in your garage or around your home, you can save a lot of cash. 

    And finally, if you are thinking about event planning, it is worth noting that most events will take place in the evenings and at night.  It can be so much more than a regular 9-5 job for those who have a passion for music, organization, and seeing a large group of people happy and impressed.

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