Interview: Netsky

    Netsky, a legend in the Drum & Bass scene, has unveiled his new album Second Nature, today. To talk about the album, COVID-19, and his plans for 2021, Netsky joined me for an interview.

    Firstly, how are you, and how have you been coping with the current COVID-19 crisis?

    I’m doing good thank you! It’s been a difficult period but with all the cancelled plans this year has also given me time to work hard in studio, reflect on the past couple of years and think outside the box when it comes to getting music out there.

    You recently released your song ‘Blend’ with the amazing Rudimental, how did the collaboration come about and how did the idea for the song evolve?

    I’ve been friends with Rudimental for a long time. We’re both really feeling dance floor drum & bass right now. I had a sketch I played to them backstage at one of their shows here in Belgium and we decided to spend a couple of days at their studio in London to finish it. We worked on multiple ideas over the past couple of years. I’m sure this isn’t the last collaboration we’ll do together!

    You are a household name in the world of Drum and Bass, how do you feel the scene has shifted over the years you have been producing music?

    Drum & Bass is a genre that always had a nice passionate loyal fanbase all over the world. Drum & Bass has a massive variety of substreams/sub genres. Musically there’s a lot of ways to go with this genre. I think that’s what helps keeping it fresh.

    Your album ‘Second Nature’ comes out on the 30th of October, when did you decide to make another album and what is the inspiration behind it?

    This album is all about going back to the atmosphere around 2010, when it all started for me. I tried to have a similar workflow on how I made my first tunes.

    It’s about reconnecting to the past but also about taking a step back and isolating from outside distractions.

    In terms of new favourites, has there been any contemporary artists you discovered during COVID-19?

    I’ve rediscovered a love for English rap and r&b with Loyle Carner and Jorja Smith. Also listened to lots of jazz influenced beats like for example Athletic Progression.

    If you could give any advice to a young kid who wants to become a music producer, what would it be?

    Collaborate as much as you can. Try find ways to become part of an online community to share knowledge. Don’t release any music that sounds too much like your favourite song. Identity is everything when you’re getting started.

    With 2021 looking uncertain, do you have any hopes for a big tour in 2021?

    Hopefully yes! I’m hoping to go to New Zealand at the end of the year for a couple of shows to start with. In terms of Europe and UK, nobody knows what’s next.

    I think festivals here will have to work together and come up with a plan that follows the same rules all over Europe. Maybe it could involve quick tests at venue entrances? I don’t see a future for social distanced ‘bubble’ events on a large scale. Best case scenario would be a world-wide distributed vaccine of course.

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