9 Potent Ways to Use Music to Enhance Your Papers Writing Skills

    Whenever you have something to celebrate, you invite your close ones and you play the right songs to cheer up the mood. When you want to spend a relaxing Sunday evening, the right background music is essential. Can sound help when you want to stay focused on a particular task?

    Research shows that listening to music helps a person’s concentration. However, it has to be the right genre, which wouldn’t distract your mind with lyrics and loud points. Dubstep, heavy metal, and pop music may create an adverse effect.

    1. Play the Right Genre

    It’s best to choose instrumental recordings, with no lyrics to distract you. It shouldn’t be too uplifting nor overly relaxing. These are the best genres to play:

    • Classical compositions
    • Sounds from the nature
    • Film or video game music
    1. Use Sounds to Create a Habit Out of the Experience

    Most students struggle for days before they start the paper. They don’t find the research and planning process easy. When they finally get to the writing stage, all they can think is: “Can I hire someone to write my paper?” Writing is hard, but this routine is even more demotivating. When they have to write the next paper, they will struggle again. You need to create a pleasant atmosphere, which won’t make you dread the writing experience. Music can help with that.

    Imagine this routine: You set up a clean desk, with no distractions around. You make yourself a nice cup of coffee, you play some music in the background, and you start writing the paper. That sounds better, doesn’t it?

    1. Use Headphones

    If you want to block out distractions from the environment, use headphones. You’ll only listen to the sounds that helps you focus, and you’ll stop paying attention to the conversations or any noise around you.

    1. Use Music to Set the Mood

    The right musical vibe can set you in a proper writing mood. Are you writing a serious paper that requires more observation and compassion with the topic? Play classical or film music! If you’re writing a personal essay or something that requires humor, you can play instrumental guitar music in the background.

    1. Songs Will Help You Connect with the Theme

    Let’s say you’re writing a history paper with a topic on World War 2. Start a brief research: what music did people listen to during that period of time? Are there any compositions written about those events?

    Here’s another example: you might be writing about the Black Lives Matter movement. There are many songs that convey the struggle for human rights. You can search for relevant African-American music; it will help you connect with the theme.

    1. Play Music to Get Inspired

    What if you hit the writer’s block? You can’t be productive no matter how hard you try. Maybe some tunes can help you overcome this state. Play original, unique songs and take some time off the project. It may inspire some creative ideas.

    1. Create a Playlist for Writing

    You found music that really helped you focus on a particular paper? Save the playlist! It will send a subconscious signal to your brain when you want to get into writing mode next time.

    Some tunes will remind you that you managed to slip into that creative space once. When you play them again, your mind will instantly seek and find the same state.

    1. Use Music for Meditation

    Have you tried meditating before the writing process? This simple practice is extremely effective in boosting your focus. Search for some Zen music on YouTube; it will help you to calm your mind during the meditation process. After that, you’ll be more inspired to write.

    1. Use Your Favorite Tunes for Brainstorming

    A free-writing session can give you more ideas than you assume. Play your favorite music, get a piece of paper, and let your mind go blank. Don’t try to provoke ideas by force. Just write the theme of your project, and your mind will intuitively start collaborating. Write down any ideas, without judging them for being good or bad.

    After this brainstorming session, you’ll be left with a list of potential topics and thesis ideas to work with.

    The best part about trying to boost your focus with music is that you’ll actually like the process! We’re not forcing you to do something you don’t like. Just choose the tunes that work for you, and see what they can do for your focus.

    BIO: Michael Turner enjoys helping students to find their passion in writing. He is convinced that there’s a hidden writer in everyone. We just need to get inspired to discover that creative side.

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