Premiere: Akurei ‘CLOVER’

    There is nothing more we love to see than an artist on a mission. With the intention of growth, Akurei, an Australian artist, set a goal for himself to release three EPs in 2020. Fortunately for us at Our Culture, we are proud to say we are not just here to witness the release of Akurei’s final EP but also here to premiere it.

    Titled ‘CLOVER,’ the new EP by Akurei includes three unheard tracks ‘CLOVER,’ ‘BUTTERCUP,’ and ‘QUASIMODO.’ The EP focuses on the theme of social anxiety and like previous work of Akurei carries a potent yet mellow production. To expand the EP sonically, Akurei also joined forces with the well-respected Golden Vessel, the artist behind pieces such as ‘Hesitate,’ and ‘BIGBRIGHT.’

    Chatting about the EP, Akurei said: “I wrote CLOVER by myself earlier this year. COVID-19 restrictions had eased at this point; people were finally able to get together in groups and venues had opened in QLD, where I live. I was thinking about social anxiety, which most of us seem to experience from time to time, and specifically about those nights where you feel like you need to drink to feel comfortable.”

    CLOVER will be available tomorrow to stream on all major platforms, but before you can fully enjoy it, take a listen of what is to come.

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