Kiel Fragments by Sven Hauth

    Sven Hauth, a gifted artist out of Kiel, Germany, presented a terrific series named Kiel Fragments. In this personal series, Hauth used the city of Kiel, his birthplace, to explore its buildings by separating them into solo elements. The series was done with the effort of photography and 3D renderings which helped recreate the missing parts of the buildings.

    Writing about the series Hauth stated “I got the idea for this project while on a road trip across the eastern parts of Germany. At the time, I was taking a lot of photos of East German architecture, most of it sitting at lofty heights. This led to a constant struggle with perspective – the converging lines of the vertical vanishing points made it hard to arrive at anything visually pleasing, and I kept thinking I should just isolate the interesting parts to make them float in mid-air.”

    Find more work by Sven Hauth here.

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