Beginners Guide: How to Kick-start Your Career in Gaming

    Being a professional gamer or simply starting a career in gaming is one significant move for most people. If you love playing video games, then you’ve thought of becoming a professional gamer at some point. Whether you are looking forward to joining a gaming community, winning your first tournament, or making money out of pro gaming, there is always a way out.

    This guide makes it hassle-free for you to start a career in professional gaming and win your first bet at a Vegas casino. Here are the steps you should follow to kick-start a career in professional gaming this year.

    Do you have a passion for gaming?

    What motivates you when you think about gaming? Do you play video games for leisure, or you have an in-depth passion for playing virtual games? Just like having a goal in life, you should also play e-sports for a good reason.

    The desire to join a gaming community in your region, contribute to a team, and satisfy your dreams to become a guru gamer are all possible reasons for starting a career in pro gaming. With positive motivation, you can easily build your career in pro gaming. When you have selfish and materialistic goals like quick success and making money, you will not enjoy gaming.

    Select your favorite game 

    Once you have a passion for becoming a pro gamer, you should move one step ahead. Choose a game that you like most to start your journey in gaming. You can either pick a game that is currently upcoming or go with one that has been in existence for a long.

    A well-established game is the best option if you are willing to take your time to learn the basics of the game. These types of games have all the resources and infrastructure you need for professional gaming. Some established games you can opt for include Dota 2League of Legend, and CS: GO.

    Network with other gamers 

    The only way you can build a career in gaming is by learning from those ahead of you. That means you should join a gaming community and network with people that share a similar mind and vision as you.

    Networking is essential for growth in almost every industry you are in. When you connect with other gamers in the industry, you can share your mind and prepare yourself to meet your gaming goals.

    When choosing gamers to connect with, you should choose wisely. Don’t network with people because they are playing professional video games. Instead, look for gamers at your level and those who share the same dreams as you. This way, you will avoid being discouraged while building your career in gaming.

    Join a tournament 

    Once you’ve networked with other gamers and sharpened your gaming skills, you can now join tournaments to test your prowess. By joining a gaming tournament, you can gauge your skills by competing with other gamers at your level both locally and internationally. Always ensure you practice and hone your skills before joining any gaming tournaments.

    When you participate in tournaments, you get the experience of taking part in competitive pro gaming. You can also get useful insights about professional gaming from those you compete with. In the process, you build a network with other gamers and sharpen your skills faster. Tournaments give you the platform to play with skilled and salaried gamers.

    Have the right gear

    If you want to become a pro gamer, you must invest some good money in the right gear. Get a quality mechanical keyboard and a mouse.

    Choose your gear based on sensitivity, size, and form factor. Most gaming gear come with different specs, and you should choose one that suits you.

    Another tip; always use the same mouse and keyboard when practicing and competing with other gamers on-stage. Once you familiarize yourself with the gaming equipment, you will likely transition to a gaming tournament where the focus is vital.

    Live stream your gameplay 

    If you’ve been thinking of making some money from your gaming, you can start by streaming your gameplay on YouTube and Twitch. By registering with these social platforms, you get an audience for your gameplay and make some money in the process. You can combine comedy, your technical skills, and commentary when you stream your gameplay.

    When you feel like streaming is not meant for you, you can still make some profit by developing gaming guides and selling them online. Create an online course for pro gaming and ask viewers to subscribe to the guides. This way, you can create an audience and make some money at the same time.

    Final Thoughts 

    Starting a career in pro gaming comes with a lot of challenges. When you want to climb your ladder to pro gaming, you should set your goal to get the right gear for gaming,

    Network with other gamers, and most importantly, don’t forget to join a tournament to sharpen your skills. With these tips, you can start your gaming career and build a name for yourself in the gaming industry.


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