Top 4 Hardest PC Games

    Do you think gaming is only for relaxation? If so, you are wrong. It can be for getting money like with slots at CasinoChan or improving your concentration and reaction. And these 4 PC games will surely help you get more skillful.

    Dark Souls 

    The Souls series has become famous for its complexity. Are you used to that in modern blockbusters the rules are explained to you, you can change the difficulty settings and save yourself at any moment? Things are different in Dark Souls.

    Here even the simplest enemies can kill you with one or two blows, and you can only save yourself at the campfires. As a result, you’ll have to search for them while you’re chased by hordes of fierce undead and severe warriors in heavy armor. The amount of healing options is limited, and traps and ambushes lurk at every turn.


    Bloodborne resembles Dark Souls mechanically, but there are significant differences: the pace here is much faster. You get caught up in a frantic and aggressive battle with crowds of opponents, where you have no chance to retreat. Your Hunter only has a melee weapon, a nearly useless musket good only for parrying enemy attacks, an overcoat and a triangular hat.

    The developers of Bloodborne were obviously inspired by the Van Helsing movie. The action is off the charts, the imagination of the developers who created the monsters knows no limits, and the level design is a real delight.

    Demon’s Souls

    Despite its considerable age, Demon’s Souls still looks interesting and fascinating. You become a nameless warrior who must free a distant kingdom hidden by mists from evil demons and a possessed ruler.

    Many players will tell you that Demon’s Souls is more difficult than the following Souls games. There are only two save points per level, the ability to heal is limited, enemies are strong and are reborn after each of your deaths.

    Demon’s Souls remains one of the most addictive games on the PlayStation. Grim Middle Ages, dragons, evil undead, and huge dangerous demons will appeal to fans of dark fantasy.


    Here you will control two cup-headed brothers, who have lost in the casino to the devil and now have to extort debts from other like-minded troublemakers. But the latter are not going to part with their souls. So, it won’t be easy for the brothers to complete their mission.

    Cuphead is mostly the boss fights. Here they are so tough, that you will need to react fast, have a solid keyboard, and a lot of patience to fight them. And of course, you’ll need a lot of luck because the enemies are often attacking in an unpredictable order. Make no mistake and don’t hesitate, or you will have to start the fight all over again.

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