Tapping into Your Creativity

    There are an abundance of ways to explore your creativity through different mediums. Sometimes we just need to dive a little deeper to encourage that creative part of us to flourish yet sometimes it is just waiting to be unleashed and the ideas are flowing naturally. Everyone is different. The only way to discover if this is a suitable avenue for you is of course to attempt it. 

    Capturing Moments

    Capturing precious moments whether unintentional or meticulously planned in detail, photography is a wonderful way to explore your creative side. You can then enjoy editing the image and altering the color ratio or adding additional features in post production to create the desired effect. Using a professional camera would be ideal, but with cell phones having more technically adept cameras attached to them, it has become even easier to tap into your inner photography skills. 

    Putting Brush to Canvas

    Of course the most traditional method of being creative would be considered to be applying paint to canvas. It enables you to play about with the different textures and layers of paint on canvas in order to create your ideal vision. The more carefree you are with throwing the paint on the canvas the more passion and natural flow there is. Yes it is nice to plan what you are going to do, but when you just go with the flow, you really are tapping into your creative side and just allowing the work to progress in a more natural direction. 

    Pencil/Pen to Paper

    Another classic example is to obtain some blank paper and either a pencil or pen. As you do not require specialist material with this method  anyone can get access to pencil and paper and start etching away, whether it is from memory or following a particular image. The blank paper is your canvas. 

    Studying Still Life

    This is a particularly effective way to improve your drawing skills. It enables you to improve on your basic drawing ability by studying various different shapes and practising different levels of shading in with the pencil. You can utilise everyday objects to study from, like vases of flowers, fruit and vegetables or a naked model. It is the ideal opportunity to master your techniques in bringing to life the human body on paper by studying the nude model in front of you.  

    Body Art

    Another form of creativity is designing your own body art and allowing a professional tattooist to inscribe the artwork, which is something to explore when you visit this website. Whether you opt for an image or inspiring poetic words, there are endless possibilities to what you can have done. It is also a very touching way you can express your love for your partner, or to commemorate someone special to you by getting some body art. 

    Your Hands Are Your Tools

    You could demonstrate skill and creativity through a more hands on activity such as pottery making, glass blowing, glass painting, or sculpturing, which require more training to reach the level where you could just roll out each creative piece, but it is a great way to unleash your creativity through a hand based artistic activity once you are more of a pro.

    Listening to Music Whilst Being Creative 

    When you are feeling more relaxed you are more inclined to be creative so if you enjoy listening to music whilst being artistic, it could prove beneficial for inspiring your creative work. 

    The Power of Foods

    Diet can also play a pivotal role in aiding creativity, so aim to get a good amount of quality sleep each night to keep you brian in a positive state. Exercise is also useful if you want to remain in your creative phase as it is beneficial for the whole body and for inspiring your creative juices. 
    Overall it can be beneficial to relieve any stress and anxiety you are feeling through creative activities, even if you believe you are no good. The main thing is to try.The more relaxed you are, the more likely you are going to be at your creative peak. You do not need to try and enforce it, it will occur naturally. So give some of these examples a go and see how you flourish when you set your mind to it.

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