Is Social Media the New Networking Strategy for Online Gaming?

    Today’s online gambling industry is worth billions of dollars in revenue globally and is destined for success in the years to come. In the previous year, 2020, the online gambling sector experienced tremendous growth due to the covid 19 crisis that saw the closure of land-based casinos. As a result, gamblers had few options other than to play in online casinos.

    The internet has significantly revolutionized the gambling sector. It has opened it to a new audience that wants to play their favorite games at their convenience. While online casinos such as the Sloto Cash online casino are the perfect platform for punters to win money from their favorite games, these brands are not behind either when it comes to social networking.

    Given the large number of users that social media has, casino operators have many reasons to use it for their benefit. That is to connect and engage with the users hence boost their businesses. Lets us look at how online casino operators use social media for marketing their brands.

    To attract new players

    Every online casino aims to expand its player base, and social media offers the best way to achieve that. Posting adverts and casino offers on social media platforms is an excellent way to convince new players to sign up and play. Again, a casino operator can track social media marketing to analyze how successful it is in converting engagements into new players.

    One of the most enticing casino bonuses that appeal to social media users is the first deposit bonus that gives a new player a chance to win without using money. Studies have shown that online casino adverts appeal more to men, while online bingo is the most popular one with females.

    For brand exposure

    In the highly saturated online gambling industry, brand exposure is very crucial for any online casino. Posting content that can be shared on social media is one of the strategies online casinos use to get their name out there. Many online casinos have to spend thousands of dollars creating and launching social media marketing campaigns that portray their brands as modern and witty.

    That is because they acknowledge the power of social networking to expose their brand to a broad gambling audience. Exposure on social media also means that they attract more gamblers to their land-based casinos.

    Sharing guides and tutorials

    Every player is always a beginner at some point. For online casinos to win fresh punters, sharing playing guides and tutorials is one way of achieving that. For instance, when a random social media user comes across an instructional guide on playing classic table games, it triggers them to give the game a try and win some money.

    What makes this strategy unique is that it is not easy to share guides and tutorials in land-based casinos. Landbased casinos attract connoisseurs in gambling more than fresh players. Social media platforms such as youtube and live streams help online casinos achieve organic traffic through sharing.

    For customer support

    Have you ever tried to contact a company’s customer service to no avail? Well, that is overly frustrating. However, many savvy online casino operators are using social media to connect to their players and offer customer support. Many players always check the customer support option before they sign up to play in an online casino.

    If the customer service supports engagement using different social media channels, the better placed the online casino is. Online casinos use social media to provide all-round the clock player support. Apart from emails, phones, and live chat, social media is an excellent platform for online casinos to offer customer support.

    To manage customer reviews and feedback

    Operating an online casino is very tricky. Any negative review about an online casino can be a turn off to potential players. The fact that players trust the online casino with their money is reason enough to be too keen when selecting an online casino to play at.

    Online players check online customer reviews before they sign up to play at any casino so, the reputation of a casino matters a lot. The ability to respond to issues quickly and professionally is vital to uphold the casino’s reputation. The benefit of using social media to manage customer feedback and reviews is that it drives a positive message about the brand.

    For instance, online casino operators can retweet positive customer feedback to show how good their brand is to win more players. Many people use social media to get in touch with brands, including casinos. That also allows casino operators to monitor what players are saying about their competitors.

    Advertise new games

    Social media advertising is free unless you are launching a paid social media advertising campaign.  Online casinos use social media for advertising new games tailoring their marketing strategies around their target audiences. For instance, modern slot games are designed around different niches such as pop culture, movies, music, etc. Online casinos can tailor their advert messages to bespoke audiences depending on their game interests.

    The bottom line

    Online casinos have acknowledged that social media is beneficial to their business as a tool for networking with players, advertising new games, rewards, and deals, which earns them fresh players. Online gambling is now more socially accessible than before.

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