Celestial Charm by Samantha Cavet

    24-year-old minimalist and surreal photographer Samantha Cavet, born in Venezuela, is currently based in Madrid, Spain. Samantha has been fascinated with photography from a very young age; she remembers the time-capsule appeal of old photographs, intrigued by the chance to imagine old moments that had been visually captured. It wasn’t until last year, however, that Samantha began to take a more serious approach to her personal work. This new attitude to her hobby was sparked by a trip where the young photographer captured everything she missed seeing during the pandemic. Her minimalistic approach to photography stems from wanting to give importance to things we tend to pay little attention to, or overlook entirely. Samantha cites her thirst for learning and improvement as her main source of inspiration in the creative field, and while other photographers, artists and musicians have been influential, she is first and foremost attracted to scenes that satisfy her and are visually alluring. When scrolling through Samantha’s collection of photos on Instagram or Twitter, it’s easy to notice the celestial sphere is central to her work. The creator explains this magnetic appeal: “The sky fascinates me, I’m always looking at it in complete awe. I feel like it’s a large canvas that changes every second and there is always something interesting and prepossessing to see”.

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