Get Introduced to Top 5 Heist Movies

    Watching movie is a great hobby. It has been considered to be the best way to pass your leisure time. Good movies including the ones related to heist will not only refresh your mind, but also serve as mind teasers.

    If you are fond of watching heist movies, then below is a list of top 5 movies that will enthrall you all the time. Though these movies are meant for people belonging to almost all age groups, still it is recommended for the movie enthusiast to be an adult to enjoy every step.

    Top 5 Heist Movies

    Ocean’s 11 – An American comedy film released in 2001, it was a great success in the box office along with critics. With a gross of about $455 million, the film is all about the planning of the heist of almost $150 million from the casino owner. A gangster namely Danny Ocean assembles a group of people for stealing money from some of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas. Surprisingly, those casinos were owned by Terry Benedict who was his rival.

    Ocean’ Eleven is known for featuring some ensemble eleven casts that include Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts and many more. Both Clooney as Danny Ocean and Pitt as Rusty Ryan plan a heist of a high amount from Garcia as Terry Benedict. Benedict was the owner of a casino.

    Ocean’s 13 – Ocean’s Thirteen or Ocean’s 13 was also a comedy film belonging to heist type that was released in 2007. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, it was the third version in the franchise of Ocean, Here, the male members soberly reprise their roles from previous installments along with Ellen Barkin and Al Pacino.

    The film was screened to be an out of competition presentation at the Cannes Film Festival the same year. Fortunately, it was successful in grossing an appreciable amount of $311 million worldwide. In this film, Danny along with his gang pull off their riskiest heists for defending one of theirs. Still, they need some more participants for breaking the casino of Willy.

    The Town – Released in 2010, The Town has proved to be a surprise hit in the list if Ameican crime thriller films. Directed by Ben Affleck, the film has successfully gained high popularity among masses. The film is a brutal and blunt tale of redemption along with violence and conflict. The job performed by Jeremy Renner and Jem was decent.

    The Town is all about a group of proficient thieves that rob a bank. They hold the assistant manager Claire for making their dream change to reality. Things slowly begin becoming complicated when one of the members from the gang fall in love with Claire, the manager.

    Snatch – Released in 2000, Snatch is one of the great hits among British crime comedy films. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the film features an ensemble casting. There are two intertwined plots; the first one is all about dealing with coming across the stolen diamond. The other one is about where Jason Statham, the small-time boxing promoter who finds himself under Alan Ford (a ruthless gangster).

    Snatch features a wide assortment of characters that include Brad Pitt and Irish Traveller. The film is known for sharing themes along with motifs and ideas with that of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It is filmed in almost the same visual style to please the audience and let them enjoy the suspense.

    Baby Driver – Released in 2017, Baby Driver was a highly popular success that had totally eluded Edgar Wright who was the director. Along with boasting fizzy pleasures and slick, the film has been recognized as a pastiche of thousands of cool films. The musical approach to this heist film is exclusively kicky and full of twists.

    AnselElgort, the driver seeks freedom from the life of a crime with girlfriend Debora. Supporting roles actors include Kevin Spacey, Eiza Gonzalez, Jon Hamm, Jon Bernthal and Jamie Foxx. The Doc threatens Elgort of hurting his girlfriend if he refuses to keep the words as directed. Unfortunately, the entire plan goes awry the moment arm dealers turn out as undercover officers.

    These are some exclusively picked heist films that you will enjoy watching during your free time.

    The Themes Vary!

    Every heist film is directed exclusively. Now, the liking solely varies from one individual to the other. It is the theme along with the hidden treasure that makes a difference. Still, every movie will provide you with some lesson. There is no such thing as free money but people always want to get rich fast and with fewer efforts. That’s why heist movies are so popular these days. Two out of five movies from our list are about casino heists as casinos are usually associated with easy money. The guys from Exycasinos helped us to gather info for this article and they claim sometimes trying fortune in blackjack or roulette might be as exciting as watching movies. But don’t risk your real money if you are not sure about the strategy!

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