5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity

    Many of us have had to work from home for the past year, or work in circumstances that are very unfamiliar.

    The WFH era might remain with us for some time, and with days getting longer and brighter, focusing on the task at hand can be a tad more difficult as you yearn to get back outside and see your friends and family.

    If you’re struggling to stay motivated while working from home, the office or wherever, here are some top tips.

    Get on with it!

    It might sound basic, but procrastination is most common at the start of a task.

    If you’re struggling for inspiration, just make a start. Whatever you’re doing – writing, designing, searching – actually getting some thoughts out of your head and into your work will get the ball rolling.

    Even if it’s not representative of your final work, it will still give you the momentum to get the creative juices flowing.

    Listen to your favourite tunes

    Music can focus the mind, especially if the tunes are familiar. However, skipping through a playlist to find your favourites will only add to the procrastination.

    Let a full album wash over you by playing it on vinyl, or have your tunes just out of reach so that you’re not tempted to go changing.

    If you’re working with words, playing instrumental tracks is a useful way of stopping your mind tripping over which words are on the screen or page and which ones are in the song!

    Put your phone away!

    Studies suggest that we check our mobile phones four or five times every hour!

    Whether that’s checking messages, scrolling social media or finding another way to while away the time – it’s not focusing on the task at hand! Put your phone out of sight, in another room if possible, and you’ll find it much easier to concentrate.

    Take a break

    This may go against the first point, but if you’re really struggling to find inspiration, going away and doing something else for a short amount of time can clear your head.

    Going for a short walk or reading a book might even unlock some crucial thoughts in your subconscious mind and put you on-track with your work after all.

    Get enough sleep

    A lack of sleep can seriously hamper your ability to concentrate and make decisions.

    If you’re approaching a task after a restless night, a short nap might even supercharge your creative skills and help you get the job done. Just remember to set an alarm so you don’t miss any deadlines!

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