Top Tips to Take Care of Your Leather Jacket

    Cleaning leather jackets can be a challenging task. Though leather is hard wearing, it requires to be taken care of. Moreover, it does not respond well to getting wet. Most of us need a few tips to care well for our genuine leather jackets.

    The Basics

    Many leather garments have different kinds of linings to offer warmth and top-level comfort. Leather garments have a silk lining. In such cases as your favorite men’s black leather jacket, the outer layer of leather can be cleaned using a damp cloth. This is followed by dubbing with some leather-specific cleaner. When you want to stop the interior from smelling sweaty or smoky, go for the right type of cleaner. If you cannot carry out the task of caring for the leather jacket yourself, take it to a professional. In any case, it is possible to do the cleaning of leather jackets at home.

    Going into the Details

    • Cleaning the outside of the leather jacket

    It is necessary to check the inner lining or the inside of the leather jacket to find the instructions for the care of the jacket. The label will specify whether you should take your leather jacket to a professional leather cleaner. There are different types of leathers involved in making leather coats or jackets. No single method is entirely effective for the cleaning of a jacket. Moreover, it will be rather costly to get the professional cleaning of a leather jacket.

    Ensure that you get advice from several leather care websites that will give you standard advice. Test a leather cleaning solution on an inconspicuous part of the leather jacket. Do not specify where you can test the actual solution. Turn the cuffs inside out and test the cleaning solution on the cuffs at first.

    If you find that the leather changes the colors

    • Lightens
    • Darkens

    Do not use the leather cleaning solution as it might cause permanent color changes. Even if you want to clean with plain water, make sure you test it on an inconspicuous part like the inside of the cuff of the leather jacket.

    When the water forms beads on the leather jacket and does not get absorbed, it is safe to use plain water to cleanse the jacket. It is best to use a cloth dampened with a solution of aniline mixed in water to clean naked leathers.

    • The other cleaning methods
      • Mild soapy solution:This solution is used for cleaning the outer part of your jacket and is one of the highly preferred methods of leather jacket cleaning.
      • Olive oil:This oil is recommended for several websites for cleaning and conditioning leather apparel. A cloth is dabbed in olive oil and applied on dirty parts of the jackets, and lifting it up. However, if olive oil gets soaked into the leather jacket, it will cause permanent damage to the appearance of the leather jacket.
      • White vinegar: Equal amounts of white vinegar and olive oil are mixed. A clean cloth is dabbed with the solution, and it is used for cleaning the leather jacket.
      • Starch or talcum:Sprinkle cornstarch powder or talcum powder on the grease-stained areas of the leather jacket. The powder will completely absorb the grease. Rub the area so that all the grease gets soaked up in the powder. Pat dry to take off the powder.
    • Cleaning of the coat liner

    An essential point about jacket cleaning is determining how to clean the jacket liner. The coat’s liner is directly exposed to the skin of the arms and will soak up dirt and sweat due to the same.

    Spread the coat liner inside out on the floor. Now vacuum it. It will remove the dust, dirt, and smoke from the jacket. After vacuuming the jacket, let the air out of it for a while. To get rid of lingering odors, spray the leather apparel with some clothes freshener. However, be cautious not to spray on the leather parts.

    Things to Avoid

    Do not use detergents directly on the leather jacket without doing the patch test. And if stains persist, consider taking them to a professional leather cleaner.

    Things to Do

    Remember, conditioning your men’s black leather jacket with saddle soap holds the key to making it look anew every time you wear it.


    It is important to take care of your genuine leather jackets carrying out frequent cleaning using the right ingredients. Most of the time, ingredients like cornstarch or talcum powders are available at home. However, when it comes to using mild detergents or even plain water, exercise care to ensure that the liquid does not affect the color and properties of the garment in the long run. After all, you want your all stylish black leather jacket to stay with you for a long time to come. And the good thing is, if you are a proud owner of several trendy bomber jackets for men, you can get them to stay with you for a lifetime with the right care.

    Saddle soap is highly useful for conditioning your jacket and making it look fresh and new for years to come. Cleaning the inner lining is important to make the leather jacket get rid of odors, grime, and dirt. It is especially important to do people cleansing the jacket before storing it.

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