Cards Against Humanity Best When Bored?

    Having a dinner party with friends followed by hearts card game seems like a distant, idyllic memory. Lockdowns and quarantines have turned Zoom gatherings into the highlight of the week.

    Thankfully, there are plenty of online games that can fill the void of our once glorious social lives.

    Our favorite is Cards Against Humanity, with the transition from the real-life version to an online equivalent now well and truly made. It’s obviously not quite as good as being together in person, but it’s as good as it gets.

    Cards Against Humanity Lab 

    The official online version of Cards Against Humanity is its so-called “Lab” version. The premise is interesting: you are given the opportunity to play cards that are not yet available on the open market. The company sees it as a win-win. You get to play some unique cards, they get some intel about which they should introduce to the real-world game.

    However, it’s disappointing. The reason this game is so good is that you play with friends. You enjoy it because you laugh at the ridiculous combinations of words others put together. Doing it alone saps all the enjoyment out of it.

    And while it’s fun to have an insider’s look at what the company is considering for its new sets, it gets old in a real hurry. Luckily, there’s an alternative (see below).

    All Bad Cards = The Online Alternative 

    While the official online version of Cards Against Humanity is nice and everything, it’s missing the core component that makes the game what it is: community. It’s about playing with your friends, not on your own (there’s the old school Solitaire for that!).

    The devs over at @Bungie thought the same thing and came up with a solution: All Bad Cards. It’s essentially a carbon copy of the original game, but it’s fully playable online. You can join existing games, host your own, or even set up a family-friendly edition for when grandma wants to join.

    The game is 100% free, but the developers offer “backer” versions, which give you a few extras. For example, the entry-level edition (just $1) adds Darwin Awards, Star Wars, and COVID packs. They’re a nice add-on, for sure, but they’re not essential to the enjoyment of the original.

    Not Into Cards Against Humanity? 

    For those of you who have played every set or just aren’t into the game (we won’t hold it against you, promise!), there are plenty of other options out there to keep you

    entertained through pretty much any lockdown or quarantine situation:

    Multiplayer Blackjack

    For those of you who may prefer blackjack, multiplayer online options have come a long way since the early days. You can now get online games that are not full of lag, pixelated video, or poor excuses for a dealer.

    This kind of multiplayer online blackjack is a lot of fun, as you can really challenge your friends. It’s one of the games that can be played without downloading any software and it runs smoothly on smartphones which is one of the main reasons why people like no-download casino games that can be opened straight from your browser. You can play here by opening the game on a smartphone without needing to stuff up the precious memory, which is a winning advantage.

    Words with Friends 2 

    The online alternative to Scrabble, this game is perfect if you don’t have a single chunk of time to play with your friend. The app is user friendly, fun, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The game also exercises the brain, which is a nice plus!

    Of course, you can also decide on the official Scrabble Go version of the game, but in our opinion, it still needs to work out some of the kinks before it can beat Word with Friends, which has been around longer in the online space.


    This is something akin to Balderdash, and it’s available as an online version on the App Store or Google Play. Join remotely with your friends, pick your favorite categories, and channel your inner liar. It’s a fun concept: you get a bunch of trivia questions, and you have to make up answers to go alongside the real thing, with the aim being to get your friends to pick yours.

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