6 Best Online Relationship Therapy Platforms

    It is great and healthy to go through and discuss any relationships issues. It helps to keep relationships strong and relieve the burden of emotional struggles. And relationship therapy is the best way to do it with help of sites like https://pillarsofwellness.ca/.

    People seeking an online relationship counselor can get mental health support from 6 reviewed online therapy platforms. Find them below.

    What Does Online Relationship Therapy Entail?

    Online therapy for individuals or couples help people deal with relationship challenges and mental health issues. Contrary to what many believe, getting professional support from relationship counselors online is not that pricey.

    What makes it even stand out more is flexibility and accessibility. These often can not be enjoyed at face-to-face sessions.

    Therefore, for people with tight schedules or those in a long-distance relationship, trying therapy online may be the best option.

    All of the online therapy sites below have their own features, experience, and therapy platforms you can choose from. Therefore, you can have effective and comfortable sessions.

    Are Online Therapists Licensed? 

    Similar to in-office therapists, online relationship counselors are fully-licensed. They are degree holders and well-trained professionals with years of clinical experience.

    With their guidance, you can achieve improvement in your relationships, effective mental support, and live a more fulfilling life.

    How Effective Is Online Couple’s Therapy?

    The recent research revealed that online therapy is as effective as a traditional one. Hence, you can expect the same positive results.

    Of course, to get effective online counseling, a stable Internet is recommended.

    However, the emotional connection with the therapists via chatting and video sessions is quite strong. You can be fully immersed in the session even despite having doubts about its success at first.

    Top 6 Online Platforms for Relationships Therapy

    When looking for therapy sites, there are several online platforms you can choose from. It all depends on your preferences and issues you want to deal with.

    Here are 6 best e-therapy platforms.

    Calmerry: #1 Choice

    Calmerry is among the newest but the most convenient platforms providing access to online counseling sessions for everyone.

    The fully-licensed counselors at this platform focus on:

    • Helping people understand their feelings better
    • Changing negative thinking patterns
    • Learning coping skills
    • Figuring out the reasons for conflicts
    • Dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health issues.
    • Teaching how people can manage their behavior
    • Help improve relationships and make them more healthy

    Getting mental health support on this platform is easy. Once your account is created, you will proceed to fill in a short survey. Based on your answers, you’ll get the most suitable therapist for you.

    After that, you will choose the most convenient payment plan for you. Finally, you will meet your therapist and begin your text and video sessions.

    The benefits of using this platform include getting therapy anytime and anywhere via unlimited messaging and live video sessions. Besides, customer care support is available 24/7.

    Moreover, prices are suited for every pocket, starting from $42. Also, confidentiality, security, freedom to switch a therapist for free, and anytime cancellation are guaranteed.

    Regain: Best for Live Video Counseling

    Mental health help provided on Regain are best-suitable for couples. After signing up, you can begin your sessions through live chat, video, and phone calls.

    On this platform, clients can interact with the therapist alone or together as a couple. The price range is specific to the type of services, and therefore, they do not have fixed rates.

    In a week, the price ranges from $60-$80.

    Talkspace: Offers Unlimited Communication

    The Talkspace platform is exemplary with the unlimited messaging therapy. On this platform, couples interact with their assigned therapist in the chat room at any time.

    Additionally, there are live video sessions that are highly secured, just like the messages. The site charges on average $396 per month for online counseling. Client support is available 24/7.

    Growing Self: One of the Most Affordable Counseling                                     

    The therapists at Growing Self are carefully vetted. Their price range corresponds to the client’s income and the therapist’s skills and experience.

    Additionally, a free consultation is available for those interested in going for e-therapy. The mental health support majorly includes live video sessions. The prices charged range from $55-$150 for a 45-minute meeting.

    Couples Therapy Inc.: Best Platform for Relationships Assessments

    They offer 3 sessions to conduct an assessment of the relationship once you start therapy.

    If a therapist that matches your needs is unavailable, you can try out their coaching option for couples, which is mostly done through phone calls.

    The counseling services at Couples Therapy Inc. are carried out through live video calls and retreats. Their charges range from $145-$295 for an 80-minute session.

    Pride Counseling: Excellent for LGBTQIA+

    Pride Counseling offers teletherapy specifically to the LGBTQIA community — the professional therapists at this platform are very experienced in providing support to LGBTQIA clients.

    You can attend therapy sessions from the comfort of your home through live text and video sessions.

    How We Picked the Best Online Therapy Services

    Several aspects were considered during the evaluation of these online platforms:

    • The first factor was checking whether the platforms are keen on the data privacy of their clients and abide by HIPAA
    • Additionally, we evaluated the affordability of their prices
    • Furthermore, we paid close attention to the mental health professionals’ experience
    • Finally, we went through the customers’ reviews and assessed client satisfaction


    HIPAA governs online therapy sessions to ensure client privacy is protected. Therefore, it gives a surety that information shared on the site is protected and secured.

    The reviewed relationship counseling online platforms have strict security measures to control and protect client’s data.

    It is why they allow clients to maintain anonymity and use end-to-end encryption.

    Final Take

    Choosing online therapy could be the solution to having a enjoying and healthy relationship. Online therapy is as effective as traditional therapy, and many offer excellent options for relationship counseling to fit different people’s needs.

    Therefore, look through other reviews and read some testimonials. Or, start improving your life right away!

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