5 Impressive Wedding Traditions in Ukraine

    A wedding day is an exciting time for every bride. All want to become happy wives. In Ukraine, there are lots of wedding traditions. And people pay honor to them even these days.

    If you want to know more about Ukrainian wedding traditions, you should read the article. The history of Ukraine gave birth to hundreds of customs and traditions for a wedding. In the article, we will touch upon 5 of the most common traditions for Ukrainian weddings.

    Some of them may sound quite weird. But they are a part of the Ukrainian culture. And it is a good idea to know more about them.

    1.   Ransom

    It may sound weird, but the groom needs to pay ransom to marry his beloved bride. It usually happens in the morning. This is a beloved tradition for Ukrainian women and girls for marriage in Ukraine. All guests gather in front of the bride’s house. And the groom has to pay a ransom. A man can visit the house of his bride on his own. Or he can ask his best men to follow him.

    The tradition is quite old and interesting. There’s no general rule. It’s up to you what method to choose. You can give a gift to a bride and her family. It is also possible to offer money as a ransom. Some men are very inventive. They create the performance to get their bride.

    Family members may ask different questions. And the groom can see the bride only by answering all of them. It is an enjoyable experience. Guests like staring at the performance and taking pictures. When the ransom is paid, the groom can finally meet with his beautiful bride.

    2.   Blessings

    This is a specific ritual. Couples may have a different attitude to this one. There’s no exact time when the couple should ask for blessings.

    In some families, it is important to ask for a blessing from the family members before the whole ceremony. In other cases, parents show blessings to their children during the ceremony. This ritual is an important part of the wedding. By giving blessings, parents wish the couple a happy and wealthy life together.

    3.   Ring Finger

    In most countries in America, brides are supposed to wear their ring on the left hand. In Ukraine, women need to put their ring on the right hand. It is a tradition. And no woman would ever wear a wedding ring on the left hand.

    4.   Embroidered Cloth

    This is a very funny tradition. When the couple is already in the registry office, they have a cloth on the floor. The cloth has to be carefully embroidered by the bride or her mother. This is a tradition for many regions in Ukraine.

    The rule is the following: the head of the family is to step on the cloth first. If a man is the first to step on the cloth, he will have the final word during the whole marriage. Usually, it happens before the couple says their vows to each other. It’s not usually taken for granted. These days, this tradition is more for fun.

    5.   Traditional Bread

    When the couple is finally registered as a family, they need to celebrate the wedding. Usually, they have to invite their guests to enjoy a good time in a restaurant. But before they visit the party, they need to have a bite from the Korovai.

    This is a traditional bread made for weddings. It is made of flour. The cake is decorated with flour figures. The taste can be different. But it usually has a plain taste. It is neither sweet nor salty.

    In some families, only the couple has to try the bread. But some families share the Korovai with all the guests. You don’t need to eat the whole piece. But you can’t refuse to try it. It would be a dishonest mistake.

    Last Words

    Ukraine has rich wedding traditions. These are only some of them. People are used to celebrating the wedding ceremony in such a way. These days, more and more people forget about the traditions and choose more modern celebrations. But lots of couples still want to make their wedding a traditional one.

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